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noonesaidaword asked: If you could sleep with 5 fanfic writers based on their smut alone, who would they be?

Answering this only because you actually legit threatened me. Writers, please know I don’t objectify you, just deeply admire your smut. Also, this is in no way comprehensive, but I was limited to five. 

- quasisuspect
- alittlefoolish
- empresskris 
- livinginrhythm

Nonesaidaword, not that I don’t love you or appreciate your smut writing prowess, but I’ve known you too long and way too well, and I don’t  care how hot your fics are, that would be weird. 



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  1. quasisuspect said: Well color me flattered. Thanks, chief.
  2. noonesaidaword said: Why are you calling me out? LOL I couldn’t be like “outside of me” in my question. How narcissistic do you think I am.
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