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A mini apology to everyone waiting for a Superwoman!Santana update. :) Presenting fic art for “We Really Shouldn’t Be Doing This”.

There’s this weird shift that happens when Santana wears the glasses where she can almost FORGET that there’s spandex stuffed the bottom of her bag. It means she can make mistakes, and holding Brittany instead of letting them both topple over the desk was one of them.

She’s held Brittany plenty of times before – as Superwoman.

Somehow… there is a very, very big difference. Superwoman… she’s hot but in a sense kinda asexual. She’s supposed to be an icon, not a sex symbol, though the folks at Vivid Entertainment and their newest flick ‘Superwoman Does Metropolis’ would see it very differently.

Santana Lopez, however? Huge Raging Lesbian.

Brittany has Superwoman on her mind, something that is made very clear by the scribbling on her Post-It. Ignorance and a pair of Chloe-vamped eye glasses can only take Santana so far.

A secret identity is meant to be a secret identity for a reason.

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