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Anonymous asked: is there gonna be a GYSOMB update today?? pretty please :DDD

Um, not today.  MAYBE by EOD tomorrow, depending on how much work I get done on this project and whether or not my plans fall through. ;)

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Naya isn’t afraid to go for and speak to what she wants.
Maybe there was a time in her life when this wasn’t the case, but all I have ever seen is a fearlessness to entertain and to be who she wants to be.”

- Dianna Agron about Naya Rivera.

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Anonymous asked: Do you think Naya did surgery?


It’s too early for this…

Honestly, not really. The thing is, Naya always had chubby cheeks and then she lost some weight and of course her face looks thinner, making it seem longer. That’s what happens when you lose weight. Also, Naya has strong jaw, and as she lost weight, it makes it more preeminent.

(You guys should see my face 5 months ago and now. I don’t look like a teenager anymore! Except my mom says, I still look like I’m 15, but I decided to ignore here.)

Other thing is makeup. Makeup can transform people. Let me give you examples:


Look at that! (Wow, this girl looks like one of my ex… XD)


It’s a man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lately, Naya is tendind to use more makeup in event, so we’ll feel a big difference, like her nose that looks thinner. But, if we get Santana’s pics from the last episodes she showed up, and even the new stills from Opening Night, you’ll see she looks the same, because Santana’s makeup style is cleaner than Naya’s.

I believe that she filled her lips, but it’s HER lips.

Also guys, give the girl a break. Remember during Comic Con, some people were hating on her because she had some tummy and everybody was saying she was pregnant?


And now the same people are complaining she is too thin? Can’t the girl win?

So, this is my opinion.

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