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AT THE DEVIL’S DOOR never heads into silly territory, instead it does everything with a completely straight face, building tension and terror and allowing that to play out in front of you. Topped with quite excellent performances by Rivera and Moreno as the two sisters who are eventually stalked by the devil, the film works on all levels, with not a single element misfiring or not succeeding in striking fear and terror into viewers. A big set of props as well, for the awesome choice to allow viewers to follow two incredibly strong Latin-American females, as the film’s lead characters. The horror genre seems to have a set idea of who should be it’s main characters, and choices like that in which McCarthy has made with this one, just proves how far the genre has come with equality, not only in regards to female characters, but also for different types of nationalities to play roles that aren’t just as important as the typical ones.
Icons of Fright review of At the Devil’s Door (via nayarivra)

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