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#Baby Girl your face… #Honey darling princess lovey child #She is the sweetest little mouse #Why is she the cutest person on the planet sometimes? #Like I cannot even properly express my adoration for this bashful dorky backwards little creature #Everyone thinks she’s this scary maneating monster bitch but really she is this sweet helpless hopeless little goober #who doesn’t know how to flirt with girls except through sheer dorkery #I mean just look at her!#Baby Girl has no game #She’s the most presh thing in the history of precious things though #Brittany Pierce please just marry this girl #It will be the ultimate Dorky Underdog Gets the Coolest Girl in School story really #I want to feed this child gumdrops and give her shiny nickels to spend as she pleases

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ok but like i really liked this scene. Santana was going to go off on sue because she’s santana lopez and thats what she does. But then rachel decides that this isn’t santanas fight and steps in, because she’s got this. And thats it, Santana just stops and lets her. Rachel has spent her whole life letting people walk all over her and never standing up for herself and santana is the complete opposite. And I feel like santana has been so hard on rachel lately because she wants rachel to be all that she can be and leave that walk-all-over-me flaw behind. AND SHE FINALLY DID IT.

idk maybe not im stupid dont listen to me

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